Feb 26 2014
Marc Hulscher

Dotty update

It’s been a while since we’ve shown the dotty and the progress we’ve made in the meantime. Dotty has particularly changed aesthetically, but we’ve also made some changes under the hood. Mostly to enable easy interaction with a smartphone.

Shaping dotty

Dotty's base platform

Right now the dotty platform is made up of two distinct parts. There’s the base platform and the body. The base platform serves as a standard hub to which all electronics and motors are connected. This part mainly exists to be be sturdy and support the body, which is why we added supporting ridges to it.

The body is less standard and can be varied to suit particular needs we may have or develop. One example may be to attach a smartphone as extra brain for Dotty. In such a case, the body must be the structure to support and fasten the phone. One of the first bodies we made was a little pirate ship where the smartphone would act as a sail. In the future we intend to make multiple types of bodies available, one of which will be the ship, another in the works is a bumper car.

Pirate Dotty


Not much can be said about the electronics at this point. We’re researching options to have Dotty be self sustaining by means of a charging station. This way Dotty can go on without any external interventions required. This recharging is intended to be done wirelessly, so no metal prongs or plates required. Expect more on Dotty in the coming months.

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