The crownstone allows your grandma or mother to live independently at home. Our technology acts like a virtual butler who takes care of elderly.

This solution solves very down-to-earth problems such as "I find it difficult to go to the bathroom in the dark", or "I don't know if it is convenient to call my mother at this time", or "Is there someone who can keep an eye on about me not forgetting to turn off the electric kettle?"

The crownstone is a very small chip that is put behind every power outlet in a building. The little chips are able to find out the position of any person wearing an emergency necklace or bracelet, a fitness band, or a smartphone.

The crownstone is not without reason behind a wall socket. It is able to monitor the power usage of an electrical device very closely. This means that it can recognize if an appliance is an electrical kettle for example. And it can turn off devices that behave out of the ordinary as a smart software fuse.

The technology that is used to communicate with the crownstones is smartphone technology. This means that when a certain event happens, for example, the television is plugged out at 1 o'clock in the night, it is easy to get an alarm. "What's going on at grandma's place?"



The crownstones are an advanced technological solution for independent living, but in essence they can be seen as upgrading a house to a virtual butler. This butler has only two main tasks. First, the house should aid in improving communication. Second, the house should help in performing daily tasks.


The crownstone tells people when it is convenient to call. "Please, don't call when I'm taking a shower, I might get in a hurry and fall!". Such status is communicated as "Available" or "Busy" and of course does not intrude on privacy.


Communication because something awkward is happening, or nothing happens for a while. It is important to know that everything goes fine with granny. However, if your mother didn't come out of bed for an entire day, this is worrisome. Better to know!


Yearly there are hundreds of fires in elderly homes because of faulty appliances or incorrect use of devices. The crownstone monitors devices, tells when they are broken, and can turn off the power if a device is used incorrectly.


Is it really worth the risk to trip at night, trying to find the way to the bathroom, half asleep? To have lights automatically turned on on your way to the bathroom at night is a small question to ask to contemporary technology, isn't it? Yes, for the crownstone it is!


A television and stereo set is suddenly plugged off in the middle of the night. Either, grandma has gone mad or somebody else is doing this! Time to signal that there is something worth to check out!


Automation should not make someone inactive. Just as knowing how much energy you use, will make it easy to reduce energy consumption, so will knowing how much you watch television, make it possible to reduce it. Our infrastructure makes it possible to come up with all kind of game concepts to implement such or more serious matters yourself.

More information

The above is only a small subset of the thought that went into this product. Our product differs from most technologies in the elderly care or health care sector, in that it is already useful for everybody (see general home usage). It already reduces energy consumption to begin with. Moreover, it can be used in a professional setting, but it is customer-oriented and very interesting for anybody to buy for their parents or grandparents.

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