Flextime & Flexplace

Nowadays, employees work fewer hours, and like to work at flexible times. It would be a waste to have people still claim dedicated office space, so solutions need to be found. Flextime leads to flexplace, inside a building as well as outside. In practice this can lead to many problems:

  • I don't know where Doug is!
  • I don't know if it's actually Elise's office hours at the moment!
  • I don't know if Dave is available!
  • I don't know where I can sit!
  • I don't know if there will be some spot for me if I go to the office right now.
  • I don't know how to get in contact with Denise, she works from home today.
It doesn't need much elaboration that this will reduce productivity quite a lot. Even worse, if these questions are "fixed" with very strict schedules, what exactly has been gained!? If you only allow a particular employee to come to work at Tuesdays and Fridays, that's not flexible at all!

Our crownstone solution comes with a very down-to-earth approach to this problem. The main functional question underlying above problems is "who is where?" Indoor localization of people combined with a communication solution will solve many of these use case. The favorite means of communication for many people is their smartphone. By incorporating this technology in an office a very reliable means of indoor localization has been established.

Perhaps you have heard about iBeacon technology. The crownstone is not only an iBeacon, but much more. The crownstone is a very small chip that is put behind every power outlet in a building. The little chips are able to find out the position of any person wearing not only a smartphone, but also a fitness band, or an iBeacon itself. You can imagine them as a lot of little smartphones behind every wall and ceiling.

In offices emergency response officers have to provide first aid on time. Flexplaces make it harder to guarantee that there are enough people nearby who can help instantly. If you want (or the law requires) an officer on every other floor, the crownstones can suggest officers to work on a certain floor.

The technology that is used to communicate with the crownstones is smartphone technology. This means that there will not be an artificial barrier when someone is working at home.



The crownstones are an advanced technological solution for flextime and flexplaces. They make it possible, for the first time, to introduce indoor localization as a solution for the productivity problems that arise with this new type of working.

Colleague in the office

If someone is not in the office and a meeting has been planned. If someone is actually in the office, there is no need to call. And what is more annoying than having to confirm that you're on your way?

Find my colleague

Of course, we can call our colleague within the same building to set up a meeting. But not everything is just as important. If we can just walk by at lunch time to have a meal together, that would be fine as well. That is, if we know where she sits!


"Help! Steve has a heart attack!" Who can provide first aid!? Someone on the fifth floor? Who is nearby? By knowing who is where, lives can be saved! And, for the officer who is able to provide first aid, the system can beforehand recommend her a particular floor.

Safety and security

The crownstone solution is not limited to detection of smartphones! A laptop attached to a power outlet is detected as well. Our fine-grained monitoring can even detect if the laptop is under a computational load. Unplugging a laptop (or other expensive devices) can be detected. It can be seen if people are still working on laptops at a certain floor, an important scenario for the fire-brigade.


A lot of building automation systems are designed with dry specifications that are very inflexible to the actual users of the building. By giving your employees control, you will have much fewer complaints and a better working environment at the same time. The open nature of the crownstone allows for integration with many of such building infrastructures.

Energy savings

The crownstones are not only a solution that help to implement flextime in a employee-friendly manner. It also allows an office to save on the energy bill. When the last person leaves the office, the entire office can be put on standby!

More information

The above is only a small subset of the thought that went into this product. Flexworking hasn't been yet supported through many technologies as such. Especially indoor localization of people, such an important aspect of flexplaces, has not been addressed with the attention it deserves. There are solutions which use motion detectors (which know if someone sits at a chair, but not who is sitting there), or QR stickers that people have to scan themselves. The crownstone proves that this is not necessary!

If you are interested in our solution, please contact for more information.