The scenarios in which our product, the crownstone can be useful at home, are endless. For that reason we will stipulate a few corner cases below, besides the obvious ones of energy monitoring and savings and a house that starts to interact with you.

Our solution is totally from this century! We combine energy savings and comfort in one technology. No accidental energy consumption. And just as important, no separate remote control that you have to find. Just shake your phone, or even better, just enter the house. The best interface is no interface!

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Imagine that power outlets are turned into the eyes and ears of your house. Our open infrastructure (github) allows developers to come up with many applications. To get into the mood of what is possible, think of the following scenarios.

Your home on standby

Standby is currently limited to single appliances. Now, if you are away or abroad your house can turn off the television (as a standby killer) and keep your fridge on. How? The crownstone recognizes what appliance is attached to it, and makes sure it doesn't turn off the fridge to save on energy!

Coming home

The lights are on... Your favorite music plays... Isn't it much nicer to be welcomed to your home, especially if you're getting older and living alone?


You forgot to plug in your phone... Ah, you risk not to be woken up by your alarm, or worse, will miss all kind of interesting and important phone calls because your phone runs out the next day. Your home can warn you that you forgot to plug in your phone and can even environmentally friendly only start to charge it a few hours before you wake up!


You're at the office and suddenly you get a message on your phone. At this very moment your television set, your media box, and your stereo set is getting unplugged. That can't be right! Something is going on? A quick call to the neighbor who tells you that one of the windows in the back is shattered. Police!

Child-proof lock

You're not at home and one of the older children of your neighbours is babysitting. You don't want them watching television after 10 o'clock at night. A timer on the crownstones switches off all television sets. Also child-safety locks on normal power outlets (to which no device is attached) is a potential life saver.


Suddenly the power consumption of your laundry machine doubles compared to normal. Perhaps you forgot to get your hairpins out of your pocket and they block the pumps. A quick message makes you take a look, and indeed, the machine sounds funny. A mechanic, or you yourself, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, opens up the machine and removes the culprit.


If you want to pre-order the crownstone, please drop an email to . Note, that we can provide crownstones to consumers when we get enough pre-orders. Don't hesitate to pre-order a large quantity. Your pre-order only reflects your interest and no obligation to buy. The price per crownstone for prototype production is around 50 euro and will go down if more people order (just waiting will not bring the price down).