The iBeacon solution becomes more and more familiar to people. It is possible to track people in stores, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. Of course, the acceptance of a technology depends on mutual benefits. The role for the hospitality sector is therefore quite essential. From a potential big-brother solution it might find the perfect trade-off between benefit for the customer and the business.

Similar to the Apple watch which is already getting incorporated in a few hotels, our crownstones can make your guests prefer your hotel above others! It is possible to automatically open room doors, turn on lights in an unfamiliar room, and automate check-in and check-out. This gets all enabled by knowing where your guests are. Especially speeding up the check-in and check-out process will be highly appreciated by many customers.


The crownstones makes it possible to reduce energy consumption as well as increasing comfort.

Walk directly to your room

There is zero reason why a customer has to wait at desks when entering your establishment. It is very annoying and totally unnecessary. That is, if there is a way to circumvent the room key. Using smartphone technology in combination with indoor positioning this is trivially possible.

No cleaning personnel waking you up

Of course, it is possible to knock on the door of your clients, wake them up, and hear them grudgingly objecting against cleaning their room at this moment because they had a tough conference day or a vibrant party the night before. Is it really necessary to wake them up for something like cleaning if you would know that they are in their room anyway?


Someone plugging of the television. Perhaps its worth to take a look for the cleaning personnel at their daily duties. And plug it in for the next person making use of the room of course!

Automatic lights

Naturally, it is possible to turn on lights automatically when someone enters the room. A very small thing to add. But maybe still nice for your first visitor arriving late at night with a heavy suitcase. And they can be turned off when they leave without bothering them at all.


In large hotels and especially large cruise ships smartphone applications that display the floor plan are common place. But they don't know where you are! It would become so much easier to go to the sauna on deck five of a ship if it knows that you're on the fifth floor and can lead you around.


It is very easy to couple services such as wireless internet to the physical location of a paying customer. The same is true for (getting feedback on) room cleaning, laundry facilities, wake-up calls, or room service. To know if someone in her room makes all these services both more pleasant and efficient.

More information

The above is only a small subset of the thought that went into this product. It is clear that iBeacon-like technology is not limited to bar crawls, but can significantly enrich the experience of your guests.

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