Former employees

If you have a chance to hire them, do not hesitate!

Anne van Rossum

Anne van Rossum

Bart van Vliet

Dominik Egger

Marc Hulscher

Marvin Steenoven

Farid Rached

Remco Tukker

Remco Tukker

Merel van Diepen

Merel van Diepen

Behnaz Shirmohamadi

Behnaz Shirmohamadi

Former interns

A nice list of many different people, with different interests and different goals and characters. Our software and algorithms for our robots and wireless sensor networks owe to them just as much as to our full-term employees! Our most recent graduates are displayed first.

Wouter Bulten

Wouter Bulten Radboud University Nijmegen

Human SLAM: Simultaneous Localisation and Configuration (SLAC) ... (pdf)

Panos Chatzichristodoulou

Panos Chatzichristodoulou Maastricht University

Towards lifelong mapping in pointclouds (pdf)

Christian Haas

Christian Haas Ecole Centrale de Marseille

Robotics and building automation in general (applied internship)

Anne Bekker

Anne Bekker TU Delft

BitsLab: A smart product for weight loss through behavior change (pdf)

Rashmi Narayanan

Rashmi Narayanan TU Delft

Innovating Independent Living: Business Models for Internet of Things... (pdf)

Roemer Vlasveld

Roemer Vlasveld Utrecht University

Temporal Segmentation using Support Vector Machines... (pdf)

Jos van den Haspel

Jos van den Haspel TU Delft

Distributed Control of Refrigerators for the Smart Grid (pdf)

Laurens Bliek

Laurens Bliek TU Delft

Nonlinear System Identification and Control for Autonomous Robots (pdf)

Juan Pablo Cortés

Juan Pablo Cortés

Painting quadcopters (summership, movie)

Jorik Hulshof

Jorik Hulshof TU Delft

ARSOn: A Robotic Search Optimization (pdf)

Marc Hulscher TU Delft

Joint Action Reasoning for Local Agents (pdf)

Remco Tukker

Remco Tukker Radboud University Nijmegen

Echo State Networks for Hierarchical Cognitive Control (pdf)

Vijeth Rai

Vijeth Rai Cornell University

Self-assembly of Modular Robots from Finite Number of Modules using Graph Grammars (article)

Andrei Rusu

Andrei Rusu

Cognitive Modeling in Robotics (summership)

Ted Schmidt

Ted Schmidt Groningen University

Robotics: Environmental Awareness Through Cognitive Sensor Fusion (pdf)

Freek van Polen

Freek van Polen Utrecht University

Towards a Sentient Environment Using a Neural Sensor Network (pdf)

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