Advantages of automated robots

Intelligent robots never get tired during repetitive work

The ability to learn easy tasks even when their surroundings are continuously changing

Always keep focus

Gain access to hard to reach areas

Discover DoBots

DoBots is leading developer in robotic solutions in the Netherlands. We supply robots which can operate independently. We believe that automated and cooperative robot implementation is needed for the continuity for most organizations and to help people carry out tasks easier.

Benefits for your company

Gaining a competitive advantage

Reducing operational time and costs

Increase company efficiency and productivity

Mitigating safety risks

Meet the crew

Aad Nales
Aad believes that the use of robotics shouldn't be complicated. Transparency and foolproof solutions are key in implementing automation.
Peet van Tooren
From his years of experience in electronics and embedded software engineering, Peet is able to oversee the projects regarding hardware and software implementations.
Reka Hajnovicsova
Robotics Engineer
Reka has a masters in biomedical engineering and is passionate in the development of new appliances for those who need it most.
Snehal Jauhri
Robotics Engineer
Snehal finished his master in Embedded Systems at the TU Delft Cum Laude. He now helps DoBots futureproofing other companies.
Bart Bootsma
Bart is currently helping DoBots with the drone projects in the simulation environment.
Dewi Schippers
Our marketeer, Dewi, is our translator, translating DoBots' vision into creative and visual content.
Vianne Heusdens
We got to know her during Get in the Ring for a Pilot contract with Enver. At first she was sitting in the seat across from DoBots, now sitting next to us in the office. She is currently working on project Luna. Innovating the youth care sector with robotics.