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Building Brains

What does Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and big data mean for us? How can this benefit our organization and our customers? How can we make our machines smart? And how can we let them communicate with each other?

DoBots specializes in software from the unique perspective of robotics. DoBots applies robotic software to fields such as indoor localization as well robotics itself. We are open for joint development projects to make you benefit from a lot of academic research done in the last years.

  • Autopilot

    If you heard about the Google car, then it's safe to say the autopilot does just that for all moving devices but cars: we are enabling the mobility of machines and devices in the professional markets by adding the 'brains', in the form of software and mechatronics (vision and sensors).

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  • Joint Development

    We provide our engineering services to build autopilot solutions tailored to your needs. We offer customers the expertise of our highly educated staff. As an ambitious young startup we’re ultra flexible and proactive in thinking with you about new applications of mobile robotics! And did you know we won the Best European Startup Award in the Robot Launch competition?

  • Cleaning Autopilot

    Consumers have the Roomba and the Scooba: small cleaning robots that work autonomously to clean your house. But what does the professional cleaning industry have? A scrubber/dryer machine with a human operator to walk behind it. DoBots likes to change this! DoBots upgrades (cleaning) machines to fully autonomous robots.

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  • Smart Buildings

    With the autopilot, DoBots adds brains to moving devices. We use crownstones to add brains to buildings.

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  • Living in a Robot

    Buildings communicate with moving devices which for instance leads to automatically opening a door for a room that a cleaning machine has not cleaned yet. In this way a human does not need to be bothered to do so.

  • Control Everything

    Talk to your home - even when you are not at home - with your smartphone to control everything: from lights to music, from climate control to TV.

    We discovered that there is no open-source technology that integrates completely with smartphones. Hence, we developed the crownstone which learns and remembers your preferences so you don't have to activate anything yourself.

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DodeDodo platform

We love robots. If you are a developer, hobbyist, or professional, check our dodedodo platform! It allows you to run robot algorithms in the cloud.

Dodedodo Platform
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