DoBots provides the following services to successfully build your autonomous robo

Assist in Rossification

Making your Vehicle a ROS Autonomous vehicle

So you have a vehicle but it is not as autonomous as you want it to be. This is where DoBots can help. We have built up an impressive know-how on applying standard of the shelve sensors and actuators and integrating them into working autonomous vehicle. We use and provide a stack of open source tools. All based on the world’s most popular robotic operating systems ROS2. That way, you don’t pay license fees. 

Our services start with a short, two week assessment, resulting in a to the point project proposal for next steps including a detailed technology recommendation. 

Deliver Auto Inspection

Modern business is about continuity. Checks at regular intervals lower the risks of unplanned interruptions to your business. However, executing daily inspections and processing the results drives up your costs. At Dobots we have created advanced solutions based on Open Source software that make executing an inspection and processing the results a cost effective exercise. Our experiences ranges from drone inspection of bridges through water based inspections of harbour installations to cleaning of cow stables and warehouses.

A project starts with a short one day workshop to understand your inspection approach and your current inspection deliverables. We can then deliver a clear plan on how to process your inspection results. Combination with our Rossification services are obviously possible.

Implement AI for Robots

The use of AI in robots, especially machine learning, has been common place for many years. At DoBots we are now taking the next step and using AI as well in the communication between robots and humans.  Like all good communication we focus on both directions. Talk to the robot or use hand signals to influence it’s behaviour and let the robot talk back in a human voice.

Our services start with an analysis of the current solution and the operational environment which normally takes a day. After that we build a virtual prototype in a couple of days.

Setup Robo DevOps

(Semi) autonomous robots require a lot more testing then their not so smart predecessors. Their use in environments where humans or other devices also operate require a high level of certification. However, testing a robot for all possible scenarios takes a lot of time and is, to put it mildly, very boring. At Dobots we approach this differently by creating accurate digital twins of the robot and its operational environment, and then we automate 99% of all testing. Making your talented staff available for new functionality that can make a difference.

To set up your Robot DevOps environment we use our sister company’s Asimovo environment. A typical project includes creating a digital twin of the robot and the environment and a couple of hours of training.


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