About us

About us

Our mission is to develop robots that make life a little easier. We want to help people and organizations by integrating intelligent machines into their daily lives so they can focus on more important things in life. We emphasize on the software used to make machinery fully automated and synergetic with its surroundings.

Who are we

DoBots, short for Distributed Organisms, was founded in 2011 by Hans Abbink, a successful entrepreneur and investor and is currently run by director Aad Nales. The head office is located in the heart of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We develop innovative solutions through the application of the Internet of Things, robotics and big data.

We specialize in software from the perspective of robotics and apply this to Smart Building and Smart Robots. DoBots uses robotic software not only in mobile robots, but also applies it to related fields such as indoor localization.

Our business

DoBots adds intelligence to the machine so it can perform its tasks fully autonomously without any human interference. The machines are able to collaborate with each other, as well as with other devices (i.e. doors, computers, refrigerators) and humans (i.e. operators, people in their direct environment). In other words, they work synergetic with its environment. We like fast prototyping and we embrace open-source principles. We build upon existing hardware and use software where appropriate (contrary to all-hardware solutions). To put it simply, DoBots has a leading-edge engineering culture!

DoBots started by specializing in software for service robotics. Through valuable experience and development, we were able to expand into hardware, vision and sensor technologies. We find this essential in providing our customers with the total package of future-proof robotic solutions.

Why DoBots

Organizations often challenge us to come up with innovative solutions for questions like:

  • What do Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and big data mean for us?
  • How can they enhance our organization and benefit our customers?
  • How can we make our buildings, devices, and machines smart?
  • How can we let them communicate with each other?

DoBots specializes in software from the perspective of robotics. Our goals is to make your company future proof by making your company gain a competitive advantage. Not only will your company increase efficiency and productivity, it will minimize operation costs and time with our expertise in your field of business. Above it all, we’re also open to joint development projects.

Meet the crew

Aad Nales
Aad believes that the use of robotics shouldn't be complicated. Transparency and foolproof solutions are key in implementing automation.
Peet van Tooren
From his years of experience in electronics and embedded software engineering, Peet is able to oversee the projects regarding hardware and software implementations.
Reka Hajnovicsova
Robotics Engineer
Reka has a masters in biomedical engineering and is passionate in the development of new appliances for those who need it most.
Ole Luhmann
Robotics Engineer
Ole comes from Germany and has a masters in mechanical engineering. With his expertise in robotics, Ole will help DoBots futureproofing other companies.
Bart Bootsma
Robotics Engineer
Bart is currently helping DoBots with the drone projects in the simulation environment.
Dewi Schippers
Our marketeer, Dewi, is our translator, translating DoBots' vision into creative and visual content.

Interested in expanding our team?

Want to expand our team and join the crew? We are always looking for talent! Take a look the jobs page for our current positions.